Bochnia Salt Mine - the less known face of salt

The Bochnia Salt Mine, operating since 1248, is the oldest rock salt mine in Poland. Together with the well-known Wieliczka Salt Mine, they pose a real wealth of Poland.

Going down to the depth of 176m, you will discover the history of salt excavations in this region. But what actually the Salt Mine in Bochnia is all about? The tourist route is based on: a presentation of a historical steam engine, descending to the mine by a traditional mining shaft, narrow gauge railway ride, visiting the Underground Multimedia Exposition (which is a journey in time to the era of first Polish kings), and exploring the Ważyn Chamber. The tourists come back to the surface by the same mining shafts. All the qualities of this place were finally appreciated on June, 23 2013, when the Bochnia Salt Mine was included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

What makes Bochnia Salt Mine stand out ❓

❯ The Bochnia Salt Mine is located a little further than Wieliczka, so it is much calmer, less crowded and you can really take a rest there.

❯ There is a mine elevator which goes down, so you don't have to worry about long going down the stairs

❯ Before going down, your guide switches on the historic steam engine

❯ It is definitely more interesting to young children thanks to undergorund multimedia expositions and projections of what work in the mine looked like

❯ At the beginning of the route, you will take a ride by a mine railway

❯ The air in the salt mine in Bochnia is much cleaner than in Wieliczka and contains a large amount of iodine. During the whole trip, you inhale a quantity equal to two days spent at the seaside

Price includes:

• transport by an air conditioned minivan with an English speaking driver

• admission to the Salt Mine

• English speaking tour guide in the mine

Approximate schedule of the tour:

• pick up from our office on Sienna 17 Street in Kraków

• transport to Bochnia Salt Mine - about 45-50 minutes

• break for toilets

• sightseeing in the Salt Mine (3 - 3.5 hours)

• transport back to Kraków - about 50-60 minutes

Meeting Point: Sienna 17 Street or your hotel/apartment! Let us know the address and we will take care of the rest

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